Wild Life Drawing is run by three artists who were drawn together by their love of nature: Jennie Webber, Laura Cuppage and Emily Lines.

The company was set up by Jennie back in 2014, when she was starting out in her career as an illustrator. With a passion for drawing animals, she made a lot of trips to museums to sketch taxidermy specimens. Spending all that time drawing dusty animals behind glass inspired a desire to sketch living breathing animals; to see the way they moved, hear their noises and feel their fur, scales and feathers. This is how the seed that grew to be Wild Life Drawing was planted.

The first ever class was a rather chaotic baby owl drawing class with Paul from Sky Birds of Prey (who is still one of our regular animal experts). The owlets decided that the class was a perfect opportunity to try flying for the first time, which made for many hilarious, magical moments. Jennie knew then that the idea had legs (and wings) and has been running regular classes ever since. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with some plush partners for special events, including the Natural History Museum, the V&A and Green Man festival! Along the way Jennie met George, who helped develop our classes for companies and together we’ve brought our animals to the offices of Disney, National Geographic and IKEA.

The pandemic in 2020 saw Wild Life Drawing adapt to the changing world and develop spirit-lifting creative sessions for a growing online community. This concept developed into our valued online program where we connect with sanctuaries all over the world to draw rescued sloths, wombats, elephants and everything inbetween! These virtual visits combined with our conversations with inspiring scientists and experts in the field provide a unique insight into the frontline of conservation.

Our in-person drawing classes now run up and down the UK, from Edinburgh to Brighton, and our online program spans the whole globe, from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the bays of Iceland. Every single ticket sold raises money for animal charities and with every class, we hope to bring people closer to nature through creativity.

The very first Wild Life Drawing class in 2014.

Jennie sharing her top tips on sketching goats.

A chick checks out her portrait.


We draw animals of all shapes, sizes and species – including owls, lizards, sloths, parrots, wolves and alpacas! Our animal experts are full of fascinating facts, and you’ll be transported to natural habitats across the globe as you learn about how the animals live in the wild.

FROM 5 TO 105

Everyone is welcome – we cater for all ability levels and the classes are accessible for all ages. Our program includes workshops specifically designed for families, but children over 5 are welcome at most events if accompanied by an adult also taking part in the class.


The welfare and happiness of the animals we draw is our highest priority. We ensure all animals attending the classes are comfortable around humans and in different environments, and they are always accompanied by their expert and dedicated handlers.

We work hard to ensure that our classes are a positive experience for the animals we draw. We have spent years building strong relationships with a select group of animal handlers, each of whom goes the extra mile for their animals. This means we can trust that they only bring along animals that genuinely enjoy being out and about, are confident around people and who like being made a fuss of. Take Deano the iguana for example- this chap absolutely loves being the centre of attention. His handlers Becca and Dan have a small animal sanctuary and take on any abandoned or mistreated reptiles that come their way. Then there’s Alice, the gregarious wolf dog who has a knack for seeking out the person in the room who gives the best ear scratches. Her handler is Natalie, who is currently working on creating her own sanctuary for displaced wolves and rescued wolf dogs.

When it comes to our online classes, we spend a lot of time researching each sanctuary or charity before reaching out to them, to ensure that they are up to scratch.

Since the very beginning, we have donated a portion of our profits to wildlife charities. Our passion is supporting smaller organisations that don’t always see the limelight, to showcase their fantastic work and raise awareness of their causes. We’re proud to support the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, Wolf Watch UK and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to name but a few! Over the years, with the help of our wonderful community, we have raised over £50,000 for charity.


Being creative and spending time around animals are both proven to be good for our mental health, and when combined the effects can be profound.

At our classes the emphasis is on enjoying the creative process rather than worrying about outcome. Many people come along having not drawn in years, often after being discouraged by a teacher who told them they couldn’t draw. We always tell them the same thing- everyone can draw! We love to see people’s confidence blossom as they begin to draw in the carefree way they did as children, letting go of worries about making mistakes. Having models who are hopping around, sniffing your shoes, and nibbling at drawing boards really takes the pressure off too. Animals have a great way of bringing humour to a space, and their charming antics always keep the mood fun and relaxed.

Take a look at this BBC film to see what others have gotten out of the classes.



Jennie Webber

Jennie is an artist, award winning children’s book illustrator and lifelong animal lover, with a particular interest in natural curiosities. Jennie is the director at Wild Life Drawing and is currently balancing work with motherhood. Jennie lives with her husband and baby daughter Cleo in Hackney and can mostly be found open water swimming in any available body of water.

Emily Lines

Emily is an artist from East London. She works with paint, collage and pottery. Her work is inspired by nature- from the moon and stars to the flowers in her back garden. Emily is our main writer, and researches and plans our classes. She lives on the edge of Epping Forest with her partner, young son and rescue dog Joey.

George Kiley

George is an expert in the translation and application of the science in psychological wellbeing and sustainability. George organises and develops our corporate workshops and has a passion for team building through the wonder of the natural world. He lives in Edinburgh with his young family and enjoys a cold water swim in the Scottish sea.

Laure Wild Life Drawing

Laura Cuppage

Laura Cuppage is an artist and wildlife educator who loves inspiring others about the natural world. She mainly works in pencil and watercolour, but also loves to get crafty with textiles. Laura runs the online and in-person classes as well as helping out with research and planning. She lives with her partner in Crouch End and loves visiting her home town of Bournemouth to soak in the sea air.


We are firm believers in the idea that small changes made by individuals add up to make a big difference.

Reading the news about the state of our environment can be overwhelming, and often leaves us feeling at a loss. Through our work though, we have had the honour of getting to know many inspiring people all over the world, who are pulling up their sleeves and making a real difference. From charities here in the UK like South Essex Wildlife Hospital which is a rehabilitation centre for British wildlife, to Protect Paradise, a sanctuary in the Seychelles set up by one couple who have now rescued hundreds of animals, we have seen first hand the positive impact that individuals can make.

With that spirit in mind, Wild Life Drawing is our way of making a difference. What started off as a one-woman endeavour is now a strong community with a global reach. We are proud to say that over the years, friendships have formed at our classes, between attendants who have bonded over their shared love of art and nature. Being around like-minded people who share your passions provides connection and inspiration. We have had community members meet up outside the classes to go on litter picks and beach clean ups, and even volunteer at some of the sanctuaries we have drawn with!

Wild Life Drawing is our way of making a positive difference to the natural world

We encourage open dialogue at our sessions, and our animal experts are always happy to answer questions. This gives our attendants the chance to gain information about issues that concern them, and get practical tips on how they can help. We don’t shy away from big subjects like the realities of the livestock industry, illegal pet trade and poaching, but rather than lecturing we simply help our community to make their own informed decisions.

From peeking underneath stones, to pond-dipping and peering into rockpools, children have a natural talent for noticing. Not taking a quick glance, but stopping to have a really good look. As we get older it’s easy to forget how wonderful the little details of life are, but at our classes we aim to reignite that sense of wonder. Observational drawing is a great way to engage deeply, as it becomes necessary to slow down and zoom in. We encourage our sketchers to spend more time looking than actually drawing, which not only informs their work but forms a link between artist and subject. And the more connected we feel to nature, the more we feel the need to protect it.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ”

– Albert Einstein



    What do I need to bring?

    Just yourself! Your name will be on our guest list, so don’t worry about printing your ticket – save a tree. All materials, drawing boards, paper are provided for you. A camera or a smart phone is useful for taking pictures. If you’re attending an online class, you’ll need to provide your own art materials.


    What materials do you provide?

    For the in-person classes we supply drawing pencils, charcoal, fine-liners and brush pens of varying sizes, coloured pencils, chalk and oil pastels and mid tone papers. You’re more than welcome to bring your own materials, please email us if you would like to bring paints, clay or any other more ‘messy’ materials as we may need to check with the venue.


    Do I need to be good at drawing?

    Not at all. You don’t need to have any prior drawing experience, we provide a space for creativity without criticism – only helpful tips and tonnes of encouragement. If you need any extra help, just ask and we will be delighted to talk you through how to begin. We believe in process over product – it’s all about how it makes you feel rather than the end result.


    How do you get the animals to stay still?

    We don’t! We allow the animals to move around as they wish, but generally they settle down for a little snooze. Or we make sure we draw a mixture of slow and fast moving animals to ensure everyone has a chance. Taking photos (without flash) or screenshots is encouraged, so you should have plenty of static references to work from too.


    I can’t attend my class, can I get a refund or exchange my tickets to another class?

    Unfortunately not. We have to ensure that the ticket sales cover the costs for every event – that includes the venue hire, the animals, the materials and the charity donation. You are very welcome to change the names on the ticket though, so you can offer your ticket out to family, friends or colleagues and notify us of who is coming in your place. Sometimes there’s a waiting list we are able to offer your spare ticket to as well.


    The class I want to attend is sold out, is there a waiting list? Will it be repeated?

    We do often have waiting lists for the drawing classes, so do get in touch as we may be able to contact you if tickets become available. Most animal themes will be repeated across the year, so you’ll get a chance to draw those animals on another date.


    How do the gift vouchers work?

    We sell physical and paperless gift vouchers for both our online and in-person classes. The issued codes can be redeemed for classes by inputting them into the Promo Code box at the payment stage. Vouchers from The Indytute and NOTHS can be redeemed by emailing us with your unique code. Gift vouchers are valid for all classes that we manage the ticket sales for, please check the event description for further details.


    What’s the best way to keep up to date with new classes?

    You can follow us on Instagram, that’s the very best way to be notified about new classes as they get released. Some events book up very quickly, so do move swiftly if you’re keen. You can also join the mailing list for a bi-monthly round up of what’s coming up and our latest news.


    Can the animals come home with me?

    Afraid not! But at most classes, we promise there will be opportunities for plenty of strokes, cuddles and belly scratches – where appropriate!


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